May has come and gone so fast, blink and it will be ponytail and pool time. Lucky for you we have just stocked up on SU. SU is a seasonal line from Davines, it helps protect your strands from the sun and fun. This line contains hair & body wash, hair mask, hair milk, and aftersun. 

In the month of April, Hello.Salon was the first in Oklahoma to partner with GreenCircle Salons, a recycling program for salons.  This means that 85-95% of our salon waste is recycled and/or repurposed, and kept our of landfills and waterways.  We even recycle the hair we cut! It is shipped to a women's prison in B.C. where the women have be taught how to make hair booms. The hair booms are then shipped out to help clean up major oil spills! This program is funded by an environmental stewardship fee included in the cost of your visit. Doesn't it feel good to help us play a part in environmental health?!?

Also in the month of April the salon closed down for a weekend and we went on a camping, okay it was a glamping trip. We traveled to Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas. Francie's parents had their camper all set up for us. We hiked, biked and ate with intermittent treks down to the only wifi hotspot in the campground. If you love or even kind of like being in the outdoors, Devil's Den is a must. Beautiful landscape, clean campgrounds, easy to difficult hikes, a suspended bridges, rivers and waterfalls; a camping location not to be missed. 

We are now offering short hair styling tutorials via Facebook. Check our page for your weekly inspiration. 

Stay tuned for next month, we have some excited news......

Beautiful Regards